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Wellness and

The Microbiome

The entire body is colonized with tens of thousands of microorganisms that facilitate every major process in the body, from digesting our food, to moderating the stress response, to regulating sleep. Eating foods rich in healthy micronutrients feed health promoting populations of microorganisms, while eating processed, unhealthy, toxin-rich foods feed populations that promote disease and degeneration over time.

The American food supply
lacks many of the micronutrients our microbiome needs to flourish. A healthy diet will mitigate exposure to harmful substances, and a whole food supplement regimen will fill in the gaps unmet by our food supply.

Food is medicine. Proper eating can replenish and restore deficiencies while eliminating toxicities that lead to early degeneration.

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By using a combination of whole food supplements and healthy eating our patients progress toward optimum wellness.
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